Singing Away the Winter Blues

  • Posted: December 1, 2017 
  • by Amy Kamm   -  
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Born and raised here in Michigan, I have always loved having such diverse seasons, each with their own pros and cons, but nevertheless, enjoyable.

Spring is always like a new beginning, all around you hearing birds singing and smelling the fresh grass and plants growing… That day when all of the trees sprout their first green of the year is so beautiful and symbolic of new life!

Summertime is fun, with kids off school, without a care, and family BBQ’s and outdoor games are common. The heat doesn’t even matter if you can find a place to cool down in a pool, or floating down a river up north!

I love the Fall too, with it’s colors and the warmth of sweaters and sitting around a bonfire looking up at the stars. What might surprise you is the love I also have for Winter! I’ve always been hopeful, starting right after Thanksgiving, that powder white snow would cover the ground and stay there… but only the kind that sticks to the trees and grass and melts off the roads!

Even though it’s been a perpetual state of cold these past few months, and I hate cold, I’m not quite done with Winter yet. Sure, I’d love to be outside with sunshine and t-shirts, but Winter gives us the opportunity to connect with others on a more intimate way.

We sit and talk around the fireplace, have more meals together and play more board games. We get to know one another more, and find creative ways to entertain ourselves to avoid feeling “couped up”. Winter is also a time I’ve found that delivering singing telegrams is extremely rewarding, since so many people do struggle with “the winter blues”.

Seeing a face light up with excitement, disbelief and pure joy as they receive a surprise song just for them ends up being the highlight of anyone’s day! Delivering them is just as rewarding… Knowing that from a song they were brought out of the slump that Winter sometimes brings makes one realize that the Winter blues have a place of their own, and while it’s cold on the outside, that song can bring warmth to your heart.